Financial Services

We aim to deliver practical technical solutions in a consistent and efficient manner that is commercially beneficial to our clients in respect of their banking and finance transactions.


Where we can assist

Finding the best tailored project finance solutions and credit facilities for your business need with best prices through our wide distinguished Banking Network , We help our clients to construct detailed project financial models with sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Structured trade finance transactions, drafting and negotiation of pre-export facility agreements, sale and repurchase agreements, receivables purchase agreements and invoice discounting agreements

Structuring advice on and legal project management of finance transactions Exchange control advice on cross-border finance transactions

Finding the best tailored project finance solutions and credit facilities for your business need with best prices through our wide distinguished Banking Network , We help our clients to construct detailed project financial models with sensitivity and scenario analysis.

Corporate Financial Solutions

Start-Up Financing

  • Helping our clients to get a suitable form of Debt and Equity mixture structure to enhance the shareholder Value
  • Helping our clients to get the most appropriate medium and long term Loans with competitive Terms and conditions through affordable price and convenient tenor

Expansion Finance

  • Guiding our Clients to finance their targeting growth plans in near future with our experienced talented team

Building Up Inventory

  • Helping our Clients to build-up strategic and permanent inventory through a well designed medium and long term Loans, to avoid any tenor mismatch problems in the capital structure and to enhance the cash flow stream without any debt service stress

Short-Term Facilities

  • Helping our clients to get suitable short term facilities to finance the COGS , OPEX, Governmental Expenses and SGA Expenses with an appropriate tenors and conditions harmonized with the business need and target plans


  • Helping our clients to get fast and easy Banking Finance Solutions by discounting the sales proceeds to get a healthy cash flow waterfall and accelerate the business plans , and also to mitigate the business risks

Preparing a comprehensive Feasibility Studies including the following:-

  • Financial modeling ,projected P&L and Cash flow statement as per the main business plan
  • Environmental Studies for compliance and cost effect reasons
  • Economical studies to illustrate the industry and macroeconomic aspects which staked by the proposed project
  • With our Technical Partners in various fields we can prepare and establish a fully detailed technical study helping the decision makers to get the full picture for the proposed project


  • Helping our customers to get the most appropriate importing tool which guarantee to execute the contract conditions with low cost


  • Guiding our customer to get suitable tool for sales proceeds securing with low cost


  • Helping our customers to get all suitable guarantees in every trade process steps

Helping our clients through a detailed full study for the Financial Statements and Debt conditions,  to get a suitable plans according to cash flow streams for debt  restructuring and rescheduling avoiding any insolvency risks which harmfully affect the credit rating and the bankability position

Represent our client with the Debtors to get the most appropriate solutions for debt settlement 

Through our strategic relations with reputable global certified Valuation Offices , we can helping our client to get the fair value of any asset or company under acquisition or investment


  • Helping our clients to refinance their owned assets through the Sell and Lease back solutions
  • Get a simplified finance for CAPEX through Direct Leasing


  • Helping our clients to get the fastest tool to liquefy their sales proceeds  for complying their ACC with business model avoiding any lag and to achieve a high ATO and ROA

Knowing our clients.

Given the evolving investment strategies and complexity of the Financial Services sector, an advisor with a holistic approach is critically important. PPFC’s professionals offer comprehensive, integrated solutions, delivering insight into the interaction of the many components of our clients’ businesses. In this way, we help ensure that their operations and infrastructure are able to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities.


We are at the forefront.

PPFC's professionals are at the forefront of the latest industry developments, helping our clients anticipate and comply with changing accounting, tax, and regulatory pronouncements. Many of our leading practice professionals are directly involved in various industry bodies and panels that are tasked with developing industry best practices. As a result, our professionals possess a deep understanding of the nuances of the industry structures, entering each engagement with a low learning curve.

Managing your complexities.

The PPFC Financial Services practice guides Asset Management clients through complex regulatory environments, helping them mitigate risk and elevate operational efficiency. Our professionals take a proactive approach in addressing concerns before they become major issues, providing tailored advice throughout the entire engagement process.


One-stop shop solutions.

Through assurance, tax, financial advisory, and consulting services, we guide private and public entities in the Middle East and abroad through every phase of their development – from formation to full-scale operation serving the needs across:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Alternative Funds
  • Fund of Funds
  • Regulated Funds


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